Crucifying Obama

I know I’m kind of a sucker for Barack Obama these days. I know there’s a tag on my blog that exists because I keep posting about cool shit that he does. I know I’m supposed to use this blog to call out the bullshit obfuscation that is so prevalent in politics instead of cheerleading for a guy who can give a nice speech.

I know all that, but damn.

What kind of balls does it take for a black politician to get up on stage and deliver a speech about the mistakes of intertwining politics and religion in this political climate?

It’s hard to point out dirty politics and make fun of lies and half-truths when you’re discussing a politician who seems to have (and we’ll just have to hope this continues through the campaign) no desire to take something complicated and make it simple and divisive.

If this video hits the cable news channels, there will be no end to the number of talking heads booked to dissect exactly how insulting Obama’s words are to Christians in the United States. They’ll soundbyte it to death and come mid-August there will be television ads that use a grand total of seven words from this interesting and complex speech:

“Some folks haven’t been reading their bibles.”

And oh, what a gift from heaven those words will seem to the Republican attack groups; so easy to twist and manipulate; so terribly condescending if you simply ignore the fact that Obama is a Christian himself and has most assuredly read his bible.

So they’ll go all out with it, and Obama will have to give another in-depth speech akin to his discussion of race in America. And if that happens, we all win.

In the meantime, I’m just happy that a real Christian is discussing how ridiculous it would be to follow the bible when creating policy. It probably won’t play well, but it’s certainly true.

And the day that all politicians choose truth and insight over spin and political expediency … I’ll have to find a new idea for a blog.

Somehow, I’m not too worried about that.

Here’s the speech. Watch it. It’s pretty impressive.

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One response to “Crucifying Obama

  1. goodtimepolitics

    Obama has balls? Holy Cow!

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